When the iPad first made it’s way into our home, I was skeptical.  Exactly why did we need another piece of technology?  Within a few weeks, I was singing a different tune.  I was impressed by the quick start up and the ease of moving between applications. My daughter was impressed with the iPad apps for toddlers like herself.

After a few months, I couldn’t imagine life without it.  Using “regular” computers irritated me because they weren’t as fast or user friendly as the touch sensitive tablet format of the iPad.  My husband grew tired of having to share and soon purchased a second one for me.

Is the iPad a new toy or a new tool?

ABC Alphabet Phonics - Preschool Kids Game Free Lite - GrasshopperApps.com

iPad Apps for Toddlers like ABC Alphabet Phonics – Preschool Kids Game Free Lite

It was through playing iPad apps for toddlers with my daughter that I realized the potential for the iPad to be a tool in my classroom.  We had downloaded the iPad app ABC Alphabet Phonices – Lite.

  • It’s a deceptively simple game that involves touching the letter indicated by the application.
  • The game starts with only two letters on the screen and as the toddler demonstrates accuracy in recognition, the number of letters shown increases to a maximum of ten.
  • It provides the user with instant (and supportive) feedback.
  • It’s one of the great iPad apps for toddlers that help with letter recognition.

Watching my two-year old learn to identify the letters inevitably made me think of the struggling children in my primary classroom.  iPad apps for toddlers could be another tool for me to engage them in the challenge of letter identification.  I brought my iPad in the next day and did a test run.

As you would imagine, the children were fascinated, even though this was one of the iPad apps for toddlers and preschool kids.

  • Not all of the students had experience with a touch screen and I believe that novelty was the first draw.
  • The game itself is simple to understand and offers instant gratification.
  • I had intended to use the application only with the children who were working on letter identification, but even my beginning readers wanted the chance to try the game.

Next time… more iPad apps for Toddlers and other kids

Emboldened by the success of this first experience, I’m now on a crusade to find other iPad apps for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids that will help engage and support my reluctant learners.

Stay tuned.

ABC Alphabet Phonics – Preschool Kids Game Free Lite – GrasshopperApps.com

  1. Lisa 7 years ago

    I think it totally depends on the apps you use. I’ve seen huge improvement in my daughter’s comprehension skills, my son’s letter formation skills and more from using educational apps. Of course we have some ‘just for fun’ ones too but I have a look on good review sites, especially http://www.smartappsforkids.com and see what new and good educational apps are out there.

    • Mr Kuroneko 7 years ago

      Thanks Lisa. I agree – I think it all comes down to the apps you put on your iPad. My daughter started with some peekaboo animal games before she was 2. Now that we’re singing the ABC song, we’re starting to look at letter recognition apps. I can’t wait til she starts to learn how to read!

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