Google Docs is easy to use.

Reason #7 why we love Google Docs in the classroom: It’s easy to use.

Google Docs is a very cool tool to use in the classroom. It’s Google’s version of a word processor and it comes free as part of Google Apps for Education.

Your administrator will set up Google Apps for your school and create student and teacher accounts.  Just take your class to the lab and log in.

  • Click on “Create New”.
  • Choose Document and start typing away.
  • It’s easy to change the title of your document.
  • Google automatically saves your work to the cloud.
  • Just click on the Google Docs logo to see all of your files.

All of your work lives in the cloud… which means you can easily access your school files from home. No more USB keys or emailing work to yourself. It’s all here.

And that’s Reason #7 why we love Google Apps for Education: it’s easy to use.

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