Online Literature Circles and Virtual Book Clubs (Educircles)

We’re currently experimenting with online literature circles at our school.

Certainly literature circles, book clubs, and discussion groups aren’t new tools for many teachers. For example, the Saskatoon Public School Board has some great resources on their website about different ways to run literature circles, as well as assessment and evaluation considerations.

However, the idea of running a literature circle online may be new for some teachers. We’re setting up as a way to help get more teachers using bulletin board software for online literature circles.

What do online literature circles look like?
Other teachers who are experimenting with Online Literature Circles
Five reasons why you should consider running online literature circles for your students.
– Our students were born in the digital age.
2. Using technology is often suggested as a strategy to help close the gender gap by engaging boys.
3. Online literature circles can provide students with an opportunity to post their work under pseudonyms.
4. Online literature circles have the potential to allow students from different classrooms in different schools to collaborate and discuss ideas because you don’t have to physically be in the same space to have the book talk.
5. Professionally speaking, running an online literature circle can provide an opportunity for different teachers to do common planning and marking.
Things to think about when setting up your Online Literature Circles
Current challenges we’re facing in implementing online literature circles with 8 different teachers and 11 different classes (Grade 7/8)
How do I create an online literature circle or virtual book club?
Challenges to getting (more) teachers to use Online Literature Circles and Virtual Book Clubs
– How to setup your own literature circles using phpBB software
Why did we choose Educircles as a name?
Why did we create Educircles?
What’s the plan?

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