WordPress MU and pSek Technical Support

We just signed up with a $10 per month business plan with pSek to host our WordPress MU sites and so far, we’ve been impressed with their technical support.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve placed a few support tickets to help us get our WordPress site up and running. (We set the priorities in the support tickets below.) pSek responded quite quickly to even the low priority call tickets, and they’ve been able to help us get our sites up and running.

We spent a fair bit of  time crawling the internet to find answers to our WordPress MU problems. Some things might be specific to installing WP and WPMU on pSek, so we’re posting some of these items to help other pSek users. (I suppose if pSek posted some more information in their knowledgebase, it might reduce the number of call tickets that get placed. Surely, we can’t be the first people to ask these questions.)

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Classroom Blogs, Bluehost CPU Throttling and pSek Webhosting

Update: We’re no longer with pSek. We did set up a multi-user version of WordPress for our class blogs on pSek, but in the end, we found we needed more than shared hosting. Right now, we use BlueHost (shared hosting) for this classroom technology blog, but we use VPS.net (virtual private servers) for most of our larger school wordpress projects. VPS.net offers scalable cloud hosting which means when our school sites need some more power, we can just throw on a few more daily or monthly nodes.

There are lots of places you can set up a free classroom blog: edublogs, wordpress, and wikispaces.

Of course, “free” always comes at a price and there are always limitations with using these free services. In the end, we decided to run the (free) open-source WordPress software off of our own webhost space to unleash the full potential of WordPress in our classroom blogs.

(WordPress software is free. You can download it here, but it’s a pain to install it yourself. Check out their handy installation guide to see what we mean. You’re better off finding a webhost that offers one-click WordPress installations.)

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