Pros and Cons of Teaching with a Class of Laptops

Two years ago, we dreamed about getting a class set of laptops. Right now, we have access to a mobile laptop cart and our school has pretty good Wi-Fi in the building. What next?

  1. We love having laptops in the classroom
  2. But sometimes, a class of laptops can be a huge headache.
  3. and so, we’re dreaming of iPads.

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Your students are bored of PowerPoint. Switch to Prezi

Chances are, your students are tired of PowerPoint. It was catchy at first, but now your students are used to having lessons on the data projector.

They’ve seen bulleted lists fade in and out and they’ve watched slides go by one by one. PowerPoint doesn’t hook your students anymore. Been there, done that, and they’ve even written their own PowerPoints.

Prezi is the new PowerPoint.

If you haven’t used it before, then the flashy transitions will hook your kids. It’s cool.You know how you can zoom in and out of places in Google Earth – like you’re flying? Well, Prezi is a lot like that.

Instead of using slides, you have one big page that you spread your lesson over and then you zoom and twist around your page to focus on different ideas. check out the example Prezi by Paul Hill at the bottom of this page.

Here are some other great Prezis about making great Prezis:

After the initial wow factor fades away, Prezi is still a great teaching tool because you can jump around in your presentation instead of going slide by slide.

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