Dropbox saved hours of marking by restoring an accidentally deleted mark file

Things go wrong. The problem with computers is that they never work when you need them to and the closer we get to report cards, the more things tend to go wrong.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • A) You accidentally delete a file but for some reason, you can’t recover it from the recycle bin.
  • B) You’re working in Microsoft Word or your Markbook software and accidentally make a change and then save your work. Now you can’t go back because you just saved over your work.
  • C) Something goes wrong and the computer accidentally corrupts your file so it won’t open any more.
  • D) All of the above.

This week, students presented speeches in the classroom. Students used clickers for peer assessment. Unfortunately things went wrong – the clicker software told us there was an error compressing the database, and then poof – our data was gone. An entire day of presentation marks gone.

There was some panic, some frustration, and then we used Dropbox to find and restore our deleted mark file. Continue reading “Dropbox saved hours of marking by restoring an accidentally deleted mark file”

Looking for Notetaking Software to Make Observations of Students in the Classroom

We are looking for ways to become more efficient in the classroom. One of the areas we are focusing on is becoming more organized and systematic in the way we make notes about our students.

We want to collect data that is useful, meaningful, and timely:

  • Information that helps us to plan our lessons
    • what can our students do,
    • what can’t they do, and
    • where do we need to go to help them to succeed.
  • Information for parents to know how their students are doing.
    • So they can help their students to succeed, and
    • so there are no surprises when the report card comes home.
  • Information for students to know how they’re doing
    • what are they doing well,
    • what do they need to improve on, and
    • next steps to work on.
  • Immediate feedback
    • so students can start improving right away (instead of a month later after they’ve already forgotten about the assignment.)
    • So parents can stay on top of their students and help them to succeed.
    • So teachers can modify their lessons to better meet the needs of their students.

Things to think about: