Apple TV and an iPad 2 running iOS 5 have the potential to transform your classroom. The new version of iOS 5 allows you to mirror everything that you see on your iPad wirelessly to a data projector connected to your Apple TV. (You do need to have an HDMI connection in order to use Apple TV 2 and you need to turn on iPad mirroring mode.)

Here are some ways you could use an iPad 2 and Apple TV to teach in the classroom:

  1. You can use your iPad wirelessly and walk around your classroom without having to be tied down to your desk and your projector.
  2. You can type notes on your iPad for your class to copy down using a data projector.
  3. You can use the Note Taker HD app to handwrite notes or diagrams for your students.
  4. You can highlight text and underline passages of scanned PDFs using the Note Taker HD app.
  5. You can snap a photo of a diagram from a textbook and show it instantly on your data projector…
  6. Now all of a sudden, you have even more flexibility in the classroom. You can snap a photo of student work, import it into a Note Taker HD note, project it onto the big screen using your data projector, and make notes directly onto the photo.
  7. You can use the video features of your iPad to display a science experiment or math manipulative using a projector so that everyone in class can see. (An iPad connected to an Apple TV and a projector can essentially replace an Elmo.)

Before you get too excited about using your iPad 2 as an overhead projector in your class, you might want to make sure that you’ve turned off your iMessage notifications so you don’t get any embarrassing text messages during your lesson.

iMessage is great for teachers because BBM has finally come to iPads and iPhones. If you work in a large school that is Wi-Fi enabled, and several of your colleagues use an iPad or an iPhone, then iMessage is a great way for you to stay connected and productive. (Sometimes it’s easier to simply text your teaching partner to find out where they are, instead of going to their room, the photocopy room, the staff room, etc. trying to hunt them down.)

Part 1. Make sure that your text messages don’t pop-up during your lesson.

  • Click on settings > notifications > messages and you should be able to change the alert style to “none.”
  • If you have your messages set up as banners, or alerts, then your students will be able to see that text message from your spouse about picking up milk.

Part 2. Make sure you turn off the sound of incoming messages.

You might also want to turn off the sound so that the telltale chime of an incoming text message doesn’t interrupt your lesson.

  • If you click on general > sounds > text tone, you can change the alert tone to “none.”
  • If you click on “change with buttons” and turn it on, then the volume of the text messages will be adjusted based on the volume buttons. (As far as we can tell, this is the only way to turn off the quiet “swoosh” sound that you get when you send a text message using iMessage on your iPad.) This option won’t work for you if you’re trying to play video, obviously.


This post was written using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium Wireless.We are compensated for our reviews. Click here for details. Find out how accurate Dragon NaturallySpeaking is after using it for a year (and 34,000 words.) If you are a teacher / student, you may qualify for an online academic discount.

  • There are 521 words in this post. Dragon made 15 word errors. So, we had an accuracy of 97.1% in this document.
  • If you include punctuation and capitalization errors, Dragon made an additional 6 punctuation and capitalization errors. So, we had an accuracy of 96.0% in this document.

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Example of Word Errors made by Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5″ collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true”]

  • the alert tone to none = the alert tones and none
  • swoosh = solution
  • iPad 2 = iPad to
  • so you = see
  • project it = projected
  • Part 2. = Are two.
  • iOS 5 = IOS five
  • Apple TV 2 = Apple TV two
  • photo of a diagram = photo of the diagram
  • iMessage = I message


[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Example of Punctuation / Capitalization Errors made by Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5″ collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true”]

  • This option won’t work for you if you’re trying to play video = This option won’t work for you. If you’re trying to play video
  • import it into a Note Taker HD note = import it into a note taker HD. Note



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