Apple recently released the new iPad 3 and since I use a lot of classroom technology, the question came up in the staff room – are you going to get the new iPad?

This post is the second post in a series about the new iPad 3. Here are some quick links around the series:

1. Here are some reasons why teachers should use their iPad in the classroom.

2. So what’s the best part about the new iPad 3 for teachers?

The fact that they dropped the price of the old iPad 2.

  • A 16 GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi only used to cost $499. Now, it only costs $399 US ($419 Canadian).
  • That’s significant, and as Schiller points out in the video (1:21:12), this really does make iPad 2 more easily accessible for schools.
  • (The new iPad 3 16 GB Wi-Fi only version starts at $499 US or $519 Canadian.)

The new iPad is available for pre-ordering right now and will be launched in Canada at the same time as the US (March 16). They’re also rolling out 25 more countries on March 23. No need to drive across the border to pick up the new iPad 3 (so I don’t have to worry about doing that over the March Break.)

The one reason why you might consider upgrading to the new iPad in your classroom is because of the new voice-recognition feature that they built into the software keyboard.

  • Check out the video at 33:00 to see a demo.
  • Basically, there’s a little microphone button at the bottom of your keyboard.
  • What’s nice about this is that because Apple has built it into their keyboard, it’s available from all of your apps. In other words, if your students used Dragon NaturallySpeaking on their PC before, when they switch over to an iPad, they can now simply click on the dictation button and speak directly into their iPad.

Is this worth the $100 difference between an iPad 2 ($399 US) and an iPad 3 ($499 US)? No.

  • Dragon dictation is a free iPad app that lets you talk directly into your iPad using voice recognition software. (You do have to copy your notes to the clipboard to use it anywhere else on your iPad.)
  • If it’s really important to you to be able to speak directly into your notes, you might consider PaperPort notes which is also a free app by the same company that makes Dragon Dictation (Nuance.) Basically, it’s a simple typing, handwriting, and voice-recognition app to make notes on the go.

I wrote this series on whether teachers should upgrade to the new iPad 3 by dictating to my computer using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium Wireless.

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo Dollar Bill image-10686

iPad in the Classroom: If the new iPad 3 isn’t worth upgrading for teachers and students, and the best part of the iPad 3 is the $100 price drop in the old iPad 2, then find out why I bought the iPad 3 anyway.


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