I just got an e-mail from the lovely people at ThinkGeek that they’re having a two-day T-shirt sale right now. (As in, the sale started today, August 1, 2012 and it lasts until the end of tomorrow, August 2, 2012.) It’s a BOGO half off shirt sale, so you buy one T-shirt and you get the second shirt half off.

I’m in. My friend has a great meh t-shirt and I’ve wanted one ever since. (Thank goodness for The Simpsons bringing meh into the mainstream. On a funny side note, I’m using voice recognition software to dictate this post, and Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 premium doesn’t recognize the word meh. Even after I’ve added meh to the vocabulary, it still recognizes meh as Matt, next, net, meant, Mac, meds… Oh well. Meh.)

Since I’ve discovered the geeky goodness that is ThinkGeek, I’ve noticed their wares here and there, even up here in the cold land that is Canada. (ThinkGeek is an American company and they offer free shipping if you buy more than $75, but that promotion only works if you live in the US.) Even a few of my students have come to class wearing some geekware, including the “Come to the dark side. We have cookies” T-shirt and the “you are here” T-shirt.

So, what am I getting?

  • Well, I have my eye on the Meh T-shirt. (I’d rather get the meh hoodie, but it’s only T-shirts that are on sale right now.)
  • I spend a lot of time coding my student blogging network, so I’m thinking about getting the code monkey T-shirt.
  • I also love the idea about paying $17 US plus shipping and handling and customs tax for their T-shirt that says “no.”

Coming back to the classroom, ThinkGeek sells a few products that some of your students might find funny, especially if you teach a gifted class.

  • If I was rich, I’d definitely get a class set of LCD boards. My friend has one for her two-year-old and six-year-old daughters. It’s like a whiteboard, but you can erase everything with the click of a button. Think Jeopardy style activities in your class. Only problem is that each LCD board costs around $40 US and whiteboards from the dollar store costs one dollar per board. Still, kinda cool.
  • There’s a 3-D word tile game which looks kind of cool. Reminds me of Scrabble, but 3-D. Great literacy activity.
  • I like the book called “50 dangerous things (you should let your children do).” Great title that would probably interest a few of your students, but I’d be worried that someone might actually get hurt. Maybe I should read the book.

What geeky goodness do you bring into your classroom?

This blog post was dictated using Dragon NaturallySpeaking premium and Windows Live Writer.

  • There were 475 words in the first draft of this post.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking made 23 word errors (meh) which mean that it only transcribed 95.2% of the words correctly.
  • The voice recognition software also made an additional 2 punctuation and capitalization errors meaning the total accuracy rate was 94.7%.

Click here to find out more about the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Student / Teacher version.


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