020713_0343_YouTubevide1.jpgWhoops? Did something break?

[stextbox id=”info”]Looks like the glitch is fixed. Youtube videos look just fine now.[/stextbox]

I was just about to email a friend to show them how they could embed YouTube videos onto their classroom blog when I noticed YouTube videos on my own classroom blogs weren’t working properly. (I run a self hosted WordPress server for my class blogs and student websites.)

Normally, you just paste the YouTube website address directly into a post, and the video magically appears. (You have to make sure that it is not hyperlinked – if it shows up as a blue link, then the video won’t show up unless your students click on the link.)

I thought it was me, but when I visit the official WordPress.com support page, the embedded YouTube videos don’t show up properly either.

Oh well. I’ll have to show her that YouTube trick later.

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  • I used a USB Logitech headset to dictate this blog post into Microsoft Word 2010.
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