We haven’t posted here in a while, but things have been busy behind the scenes.

  • We’ve been setting up classroom blogs for some of our colleagues. (Who knew that the domain edublogs.ca would still be available.)
  • We’re focusing and reorganizing this site (blog.classroomteacher.ca) to focus more on technology in the classroom rather than blogging in the classroom.
  • With that in mind, we’ll be moving most of our blogging and WordPress discussions over to our new edublogs.ca.  There are lots of ways to use class websites, literature circles and edublogs and we’ll be showcasing ideas over there.
  • We’re looking for ways to become more efficient in what we do. Right now, we’re exploring Dragon NaturallySpeaking in the classroom. We have students submit a lot of work electronically, and we started to wonder if it would be quicker to speak our assessment feedback into student work, instead of typing our feedback. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 costs around $99 for the Education (Student/Teacher) Edition.

    We’ll do a review on this blog once we see how well the new version works. (Voice Recognition software is often given to Special Education students as an assistive tool, but how many of them really master it and use Dragon effectively? Imagine what you could do if you could role model how easy voice recognition could be if you invest time to train the computer to understand your voice.)



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