It’s summer time, so we’re taking the opportunity to do some house cleaning on our blog about classroom technology. Getting rid of things that didn’t work, moving things around, and generally trying to spruce things up around the digital property.

It was embarassing to discover that our teacher blog was so slow that Yslow gave it a “D” and Google Webmaster tools said our site took on average, 18.5 seconds to load which is “slower than 100% of sites” on Google. (Having said that, we’re still making money which pays for a lot of the computer projects and sites that we do in the classroom.)

We made a few tweaks, sped things up to get a Yslow rating of A (96), and we’re trying out CloudFlare on our Bluehost account. Bluehost does CPU throttling which definetely slowed our sites down, but we’re hoping that CloudFlare caching will speed things up and reduce the strain on our pretty cheap shared hosting plan at Bluehost.

We’ll keep you posted.

  1. S.-P. 7 years ago

    I am the marketing representative of Ice Whale, an educational iPhone/iPad app developing team. We are now providing “Math Exercise Kid” which is a series of interactive math exercise applications for children. We also provide free trails.

    We are going to launch our latest app with a special promotion, the FREE full version Math Exercise Kid (Division) with no ads for limited time. We strongly welcome you to take advantage of our special offer.

    Please come to our blog at for more information.

    • Mr Kuroneko 7 years ago

      Hi S-P, we’ll check out your app on our iPad. Thanks for the link. Out of curiosity, what made your team decide to go with blogger for your website? We started with blogger as well, but just found more flexibility in design and plugins (apps) through WordPress. We help teachers with webdesign, so if you’re interested in getting help, check out our classroom blog site:

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