Review of MDG Flip Tablet Netbook in the Classroom

penWe’re trying to get a class set of laptops for student use. We use a lot of technology in our grade 7 and 8 classroom: blogging, homework websites, class wikis, audacity podcasting, twitter, dance dance revolution in the classroom and more.

Like many schools, our computer lab is chronically over-booked. In other words, the technology isn’t available when we need it.

We recently bought a MDG Flip Tablet Netbook with the dream of one day getting a class set of these “Intel-Powered Convertiable Classmate PC”s. We did a Plus-Minus-Interesting (PMI) chart to evaluate the MDG Flip:

  1. The Good (Plus)
  2. The Bad (Minus)
  3. The Interesting
  4. Where to Buy

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